Friday, March 5, 2010

Villa Anber - Low Cost Housing Saudi Arabia

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  1. Thank you in advance for taking the time out of your busy day to read and consider this.
    In this field of ultra fast construction ,A Ten Story Building which was constructed in 48 hours is an achievement using this concept that you are already aware of. The record set by an Indian entrepreneur even today stands as no one has tried to duplicate it.
    We having delivered 38000 sqft G+2 building in campus of PIMS and have a strong desire to continue this professional bonding with your prestigious organization. We at Synergy Thrislington feel delighted to have an opportunity to respond your upcoming requirement.

    The concept of the building standing on Steel Pillars makes it safe, stable , Earthquake Resistant, Energy Efficient as well as less time consuming construction. The EPS technology is a concept of our Principals “Schnell” of Italy from whom we have imported all the automatic machines. Our principals have made many multi-storey buildings all around the world using this technology. Some of the important features of the technology are :
    1. Approx half the Time consumption .
    2. No Cost escalations
    3. Minimal material wastage and increased asset value.
    4. Early revenue benefits
    5. Availability of more carpet area
    6. Quicker income from rental/usage.
    7. Salvage Value after lifetime

    Based on the experiences during execution of various projects , we go on introducing many new systems ,equipments and processes to convert the accuracy of this concept into precision.

    Hope you will consider our company and give an opportunity to present ourselves soon.For more info/query Email me at
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